Until 5 Apr | FACING EXTINCTION: GUSTAV METZGER at UCA Farnham. Conference: 7-8 June, 2014

UNTIL 5 APR | FACING EXTINCTION: GUSTAV METZGER at James Hockey & Foyer Galleries UCA Farnham

See: http://www.ucreative.ac.uk/galleries/exhibitions/gustav-metzger

Conference: 7-8 June, 2014: http://gustavmetzgerucafarnham.wordpress.com

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2 – 30 APR | Memoire Involontaire by Monika K. Adler in «Now&After» ’14 at the State Museum of GULAG, Moscow

Now&After '14 Monika K. Adler

Monika K. Adler’s recent videowork Memoire Involontaire will feature in International Video Art Festival «Now&After» ’14 at the State Museum of GULAG, Moscow.

In 2014 “Now&After” festival is being held at the State Museum of GULAG – a place that has accumulated the memories of Stalin’s punitive system. In the area of our special interest there is a traumatic memory: reliving and rethinking of the historical traumas, especially those related to the history of GULAG.

See: http://now-after.org


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SAT 15 MARCH | The Wayward Canon presents Yoga Horror at Tate Britain, Grand Saloon

The Wayward Canon presents Yoga Horror Tate Britain, Grand Saloon

Assembly: Closing event yoga horror
The Wayward Canon presents Yoga Horror

Tate Britain, Grand Saloon
Saturday 15 March 2014, 19.00 – 22.30
£5, concessions available

Part of the series Assembly: A survey of recent artists’ film and video in Britain 2008–2013

For the special closing event for Assembly, artist Mark Aerial Waller presents a new project in his ongoing series The Wayward Canon.
Yoga Horror occupies the convergent space of film viewing where the gallery exhibition overlaps with cinema and social gathering. The event includes a screening of the 1945 portmanteau British horror movie Dead of Night together with specially filmed new sequences and a yoga exercise video. Dead of Night is narrated through the half remembered experience of the protagonist Walter Craig, whose recurring nightmare provides a recursive structure for a series of tales, where one form of consciousness slips into another, where horror lies within slippages of logic and perception. This new production of Yoga Horror presents previously unseen footage constructed specially for the event. It is a dynamic montage of spectatorship and memory, inviting the audience to engage with the gap between waking and dreaming, between the impossible and the real. Their unique events explore the covert languages of cinema, the shadowy half-pronounced areas where humour, horror and truth reside.

Dead of Night screens courtesy of Studiocanal UK
Tate Film is supported by Maja-Hoffmann / LUMA Foundation
With additional support for Assembly from Bilge Ogut-Cumbusyan and Haro Cumbusyan

image: Mark Aerial Waller, Diagram for Yoga Horror 2012, Inkjet on paper, Courtesy the artist and Rodeo

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Live From The Crucible by Mark Aerial Waller to be broadcast on Channel 4, Random Acts, Tonight, 00:50

Random Acts Live from the Crucible Mark Aerial Waller

Mark Aerial Waller’s film Live From The Crucible will be broadcast tonight 00:50 as part of Channel 4’s short-form arts strand Random Acts.

See: http://randomacts.channel4.com

image: Mark Aerial Waller, Live From The Crucible, 2013, colour, sound, 3 min

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RECENT WORK BY Trinity ∴ | The Ambivalent Body: On The Short Films Of Monika K. Adler By Robert Smart

The Ambivalent Body: On The Short Films Of Monika K. Adler By Robert Smart

Recent Work By Trinity ∴
Publication Design and Production for the book: The Ambivalent Body: On The Short Films Of Monika K. Adler By Robert Smart.

Digital Edition of the Full Publication can be viewed online: Here ➜

A study of the work of Polish artist / filmmaker Monika K. Adler by American writer and film critic Robert Smart. “Historical violence haunts the short films of
Monika K. Adler. The bodies of her female protagonists are carriers of traumatic memory. Even apparently consensual encounters carry this residue
of past horrors.”

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The Ambivalent Body: On The Short Films Of Monika K. Adler By Robert SmartThe Ambivalent Body: On The Short Films of Monika K. Adler | Robert SmartThe Ambivalent Body: On The Short Films of Monika K. Adler | Robert SmartThe Ambivalent Body: On The Short Films of Monika K. Adler | Robert SmartThe Ambivalent Body: On The Short Films of Monika K. Adler | Robert SmartThe Ambivalent Body: On The Short Films of Monika K. Adler | Robert Smart

Monika K. Adler’s recently published catalogue ‘Selected Works 2003 – 2013’ now available online

Monika K. Adler 'Selected Works 2003 - 2013'
SELECTED WORKS 2003 – 2013

London-based Polish artist / filmmaker Monika K. Adler’s recently published monograph ‘Selected Works 2003 – 2013’ can now also be viewed online.

Catalogue designed and produced by Trinity ∴ London & Oslo

See: Monika K. Adler | Selected Works 2003 – 2013 | Online

“Born in Poland in 1982, Monika K. Adler grew up in an Eastern Europe suffused with memories as well as more tangible reminders of large-scale assaults on human bodies, particularly female bodies, motivated by ideology and ethnic hatred. From the Nazis, to the Soviet invaders (who victimised her grandmother’s cousin) to the rape wars of nearby Serbia, the history of the degradation of the body haunts the imagination of this brilliant young photographer and filmmaker.

Yet her works are not exercises in feminist or political filmmaking, such polemics are too obvious and reductive, failing to capture the deeper reality that she seeks to evoke: a reality that eludes easy definitions and explanations and that perhaps derives from – or more likely informs – the unconscious mind of human beings”

From ‘The Ambivalent Body: On The Short Films Of Monika K. Adler’ 2013
by American Critic & Novelist Robert Smart

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A Joyful Archipelago: New Russian Art at Guest Projects, London

A Joyful Archipelago is an exhibition of ten Russian female artists, living in London and New York, held at acclaimed artist Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Projects space in London. The artists sought to come together for the exhibition as a collective with a goal to produce their reflection on the events in Russia today. This exhibition comes at a very interesting point in the Russian history.

The exhibition is based on a semi-fictional story of a closed town “N”. “Closed cities” with no names and not shown on maps begun forming in USSR from 1940s onwards as bases for military, industrial or scientific facilities. The unique feature of N was a ban of all mass media communications, which has built a wall of communicational isolation around it. Such isolation made the residents of N focus on their private self-contained life, where other means of communications have been invented for internal use only. The information in the town began taking on a different form as it possessed a very different speed and density.

The exhibition is an investigation of the role of community activities in an individual-centred society. The artists will explore life in places with authoritarian regime, world’s history of formation of opposition and governments’ control of mass media.

The participating artists are: Yelena Popova, Taus Makhacheva, Maria Gruzdeva, Daria Irincheeva, Natalia Skobeeva, Ariadne Aivazovsky, Elena Gavrisch, Maria Kapajeva, Tatiana Baskakova and Olga Grotova.
The exhibition is curated by Olga Grotova

It will be a great pleasure to see you on the opening night on 12 April!

You can find more information on the website:

The exhibition will run from 13- 28 April, Thu-Sun, 6-12 pm

Guest Projects
Sunbury House
1 Andrews Road
London E8 4QL

There will be a publication on the occasion of the exhibition.

The exhibition and the publication are generously sponsored by the Outset Contemporary Art Fund. www.outset.org.uk

Drinks for the opening reception and the special event are kindly provided by the Russian Standard Vodka. www.russianstandardvodka.com