Until 5 Apr | FACING EXTINCTION: GUSTAV METZGER at UCA Farnham. Conference: 7-8 June, 2014

UNTIL 5 APR | FACING EXTINCTION: GUSTAV METZGER at James Hockey & Foyer Galleries UCA Farnham

See: http://www.ucreative.ac.uk/galleries/exhibitions/gustav-metzger

Conference: 7-8 June, 2014: http://gustavmetzgerucafarnham.wordpress.com

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Monika K. Adler’s recently published catalogue ‘Selected Works 2003 – 2013’ now available online

Monika K. Adler 'Selected Works 2003 - 2013'
SELECTED WORKS 2003 – 2013

London-based Polish artist / filmmaker Monika K. Adler’s recently published monograph ‘Selected Works 2003 – 2013’ can now also be viewed online.

Catalogue designed and produced by Trinity ∴ London & Oslo

See: Monika K. Adler | Selected Works 2003 – 2013 | Online

“Born in Poland in 1982, Monika K. Adler grew up in an Eastern Europe suffused with memories as well as more tangible reminders of large-scale assaults on human bodies, particularly female bodies, motivated by ideology and ethnic hatred. From the Nazis, to the Soviet invaders (who victimised her grandmother’s cousin) to the rape wars of nearby Serbia, the history of the degradation of the body haunts the imagination of this brilliant young photographer and filmmaker.

Yet her works are not exercises in feminist or political filmmaking, such polemics are too obvious and reductive, failing to capture the deeper reality that she seeks to evoke: a reality that eludes easy definitions and explanations and that perhaps derives from – or more likely informs – the unconscious mind of human beings”

From ‘The Ambivalent Body: On The Short Films Of Monika K. Adler’ 2013
by American Critic & Novelist Robert Smart

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