I:MAGE An inaugural exhibition of Esoteric Artists from FULGUR ESOTERICA 19 – 25 May 2013

i:mage fulgur esoterica

Exhibition Dates: 19 – 25 May 2013
Opening Reception: Sunday 19th May, 12-8.30pm at The Store Street Gallery
Store Street Gallery, 32 Store Street, London WC1E 7BS http://www.storestreetgallery.com

Trinity ∴ is pleased to support FULGUR ESOTERICA’s upcoming exhibition I:MAGE.

I:MAGE is a selling exhibition hosted by FULGUR ESOTERICA that brings together for the first time an international group of artists working in the esoteric genre.

Ranging from the work of women pioneers such as Ithell Colquhoun and Steffi Grant, to the dark symbolist themes of Agostino Arrivabene and Denis Forkas Kostromitin, to the contemporary audio-visual practices of NOKO, I:MAGE promises to be a landmark exhibition.

Exhibiting artists are:

Michael Bertiaux
Jesse Bransford
Ithell Colquhoun
Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule
Peter Dyde
Denis Forkas Kostromitin
Cristina Francov
Rik Garrett
Barry William Hale
Francesco Parisi
David Chaim Smith
Austin Osman Spare
Special Guest – Agostino Arrivabene

See: www.fulgur.co.uk

Held in the heart of London at the Store Street Gallery, this show will cover two floors and over 1600sq ft of exhibition space. A full colour catalogue will be available.

To mark this occasion a week of special evening events and art-related projects will be held in collaboration with Treadwell’s Bookshop, next door.


Sunday 19th, 12-8.30pm @ Store Street Gallery. Opening Reception

Join us for a relaxed afternoon of inspiring and incredible art, good company and a little light refreshment. Works for sale will be available from midday, with a full catalogue of the exhibition going online the same day. Prices begin at less than £80. Serious buyers are urged to arrive early!

Sunday 19th, 5.45pm @ Treadwells Bookshop. Special Screening of NOKO: Order 41, Conjuration of Beelzebub, 1hr. £7.00. To book please call Treadwell’s on 020 7419 8507.

This extraordinary film is the result of many years collaboration between Michael Strum, Scott Barnes and Barry William Hale, collectively known as NOKO. Drawing on diverse influences and presenting a mesmerising and unforgettable occult AV experience, Conjuration of Beelzebub was the sensation of the 2010 Sydney Biennale where NOKO performed it live. He is your chance to see the final AV film, and UK premier.
Monday 20th, 7.15pm @ Treadwells Bookshop. Jesse Bransford – Building the Fourth Pyramid, an Occult Art Installation at Galveston £7.00. To book please call Treadwell’s on 020 7419 8507.

In 2012, Brooklyn-based artist Jesse Bransford was invited to create an installation for the respected Galveston Artist Residency in Texas. In their own words “For our first exhibition of 2013, marking our one-year anniversary on this island, GAR has teamed up with artist Jesse Bransford to bring about the existence of THE FOURTH PYRAMID. If ever there were an artist who could make transformative magic a reality it would be Bransford. Building off of nearly ten years of research, Bransford’s drawings and numerical symbols transform the GAR gallery into a space charged with possibility, a three dimensional spell, an incantation you can move through. The artist invokes many magical traditions to create his work, but especially focuses on the European Renaissance magical tradition. The symbols feel at once familiar and incredibly alien. Like a language forgotten, or a past life only glimpsed through dreams. They are universal and yet illegible. Phenomenal and noumenal.” In this presentation Jesse shares with us the process of casting the spells – and spills – of the project.
<img src=”https://trinityaligned.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/ic560x.jpg&#8221; alt=”Ithell Colquhoun” width=”560″ height=”426″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3179″ /
Thursday 23rd, 7.15pm @ Treadwells Bookshop. Dr Amy Hale – Ithell Colquhoun: Cornwall, Landscape and the Goddess. £7.00. To book please call Treadwell’s on 020 7419 8507.

Ithell Colquhoun (1906-1988) was a prolific British artist and occultist whose interests (and contact list!) spanned nearly the entirety of the developing British magical subculture in the 20th century. Based in Cornwall for 40 years, this illustrated lecture explores Colquhoun’s relationship with Cornwall’s land, history and politics and how it shaped her own spiritual and artistic progression. Amy Hale is an anthropologist specializing in Cornwall and esoteric cultural history; she is past co-editor of Journal of the Academic Study of Magic and is a widely-published scholar. This lecture is kindly hosted by Treadwell’s Bookshop adjacent to the gallery.
Austin Osman Spare
Friday 24th, 7.15pm @ Treadwells. John Constable – Spare: A One Man Play. £10.00. To book please call Treadwell’s on 020 7419 8507.

London artist and occultist Austin Osman Spare (1886- 1956) comes alive in this new one-man play. Set in the artist’s studio at the Elephant and Castle on the night of a Blitz bombing, it shows Spare growing old in poverty, yet fiercely committed to his vision. In the course of the night, a rogue sigil unleashes unpredictable consequences. This ‘play conceived as an act of magic’, performed by the author, is both an homage to AOS and a playful exploration of Constable’s own esoteric work to ‘set us free from ourselves.’ John Constable is a poet, playwright and magical practitioner best-known for The Southwark Mysteries, and for his acclaimed stage adaptation of Gormenghast. Previous solo shows include I Was An Alien Sex God (‘mind-blowingly weird’ The Independent). This lecture is kindly hosted by Treadwell’s Bookshop adjacent to the gallery.
Saturday 25th, 4-9pm @ Treadwell’s and Store Street Gallery. Launch Party for the Abraxas Special Issue – Charming Intentions: Occultism, Magic and the History of Art. Select Papers from the University of Cambridge Conference, December 2012.

Abraxas Issue 3 and Cambridge Special contributors join us to celebrate the latest issues, joined by contributors from Abraxas One and Abraxas Two, making it a party honouring our first four years. But what really makes the party is you: our friends, subscribers and readers. The celebration will run in two adjacent locations, at both Treadwells and our I:MAGE exhibition, spanning 32-33 Store Street, Bloomsbury. An international attendance is promised, with an opportunity to meet some of the most interesting esoteric artists and writers from our community. Price: Free but RSVP via Treadwell’s essential as large numbers are expected.